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White Page/Personal Data FAQs

Removal From Google Search

The chances are that you found information about yourself through an online Google Search.

The snippet that Google displays likely includes your name, address, telephone number, among other bits of data.

So having your information removed from people directory sites is only part of the solution - if you are looking for complete online privacy.

It can take Google two to three months, or longer, to update their listing where your information was once displayed.

We can expedite the removal of this listing by contacting Google directly (This is only available only to the owner/webmaster of the site).

Most of our requests are handled by Google in 2 to 4 days.

Data Brokers

4Privacy.org is not a traditional data broker. We do collect information from Public Sources, but we do not sell or share our data with other data or marketing companies.

Our goal is to manage our data with the substantial user input we receive in order to provide the most current, accurate information available.

We have found that by enlisting the help of our user base we can provide a better product, as opposed to dipping into public record repositories over and over again.

We receive a lot of questions about Public and Private information, about privacy concerns. In order to help educate our users we will be providing pertinent documents related to this industry.

Senate Commerce Committee Report on Data Broker Industry

Data Brokers - A Call For Transparency and Accountability (May 2014)

About Verification

Every change or removal request requires that you verify your identity, You can do this by choosing any of the options listed on our home page. There are no other options available.

The following article by PrivacyRights.org discusses the current laws related to public records and personal privacy: Public Records on the Internet: The Privacy Dilemma

Q: My Information Is Private. I Did Not Give You Permission To Publish It!

A: All the information we post online comes from public sources. As such, the public has a right to have access to this information, and it is legal to publish it. Your permission is not required.

Here is a quote from PrivacyRights.org:
Courts and government agencies at all levels of government - local, state, and federal - are increasingly making public records available on web sites. Some jurisdictions are just beginning, while others have done so since the mid-1990s.

The information compiled by online information brokers is typically "public information" - available through public records. At this time, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse does not know of any laws that have been used to prevent or stop companies from publishing this kind of information about regular citizen on the Internet.

Q: Why Do We Have To Pay To Have Our Information Removed?

We charge to remove your records because in today's world your information has value. By deleting your information our users lose access to it permanently, and our records are less complete.

Most other data companies simply filter your data, preventing it from showing up in their free, or public searches. They do not actually delete your records.

These companies either get their data from an upstream source (and do not have the ability to delete records), or they re-sell the data and need to 'preserve' the records for financial reasons. You will usually find your records behind paywalls - secured sites you need to pay a fee to get access to.

When you choose a removal plan from us your information is removed from all our databases.

We also do not lease, sell, or resell our data. We are a data management company. We have direct access to all our records because we get the data directly from the source, not an upstream data broker.

Q: Other Companies Do Not Charge A Fee To Remove My Information, So Why Are You?

A: Every data company has their own policies. Some require you to sign up and provide them more personal data to verify who you are, or require that you provide them with your phone number for them to call you back for verification. Others require you to fax or mail your request with a photo ID.

They also do not guarantee that your information won't show up again on their sites in the future. They often recommend that you check back every few months to make sure there are no other listings for you that appear during their updates.

With our Data Management System there hasn't been a re-introduction of a previously deleted record in the past 6 years - ever since our System we first introduced.

With the options we have in place we can quickly verify your identity, remove your records, and ensure your information never shows up again on any of our sites.

Q: How Did My Information Get Listed?

A: We get our data from several public sources, including city, county and state resources, voting data, and sometimes semi-public sources such as any surveys you completed or if you agreed to share your information with third-parties (which many online sites and programs put in their small print).

If you purchase a house, get married, get a divorce, get a driver's license, get arrested, set up a social profile, get a professional license, or vote, that information is public.

Q: I Am A California Public Official. How Do I get My Personal Information Deleted?

A: Under California Law (Code Section 6254.21) you have the right to have your home address and telephone number deleted. Download, print, and compete the form below. Mail it to:
4Privacy.org Borsigstr. 9, Berlin, 10115, Germany

Opt-Out Form for California Elected or Appointed Officials